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Take Note

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Take a moment to flip through the pages of your Bible…you know the one that you use the most. It’s ok, you can stop reading this and take some time to look through the pages.  While you are doing so look at the notes that you have written on the pages. Yes, your notes. Try to remember why you wrote the note.

Why do we take notes? How often to you find yourself looking back over the notes that you have written in the margin of your Bible? Better yet do the notes serve as a reminder to you of why you wrote “the note” in the first place?

In the moment the note was written as a point of inspiration, a scribble to remember, a “light bulb” revelation and even something to remember later.  But what if…what if that note in the margin served as the beginning to “Re-Train My Heart, Re-Think My Role, and to Re- Focus My Priorities.”  That’s right, what if your notes became your teaching template to yourself? What if it became the launching pad for you to be a part of “Redefining the ministry of the church for today’s community?”

I believe that it is time to “take note” and be reminded that ministry is not just performed by church pastors and staff, but by all believers. That’s right all of us! Including you!  All of us need to be reminded that we all have a role to play in God’s mission for our community. Your “note taking” can be used to re-teach those Biblical truths to someone else.  The Biblical truth that inspired the note in the first place. Just like God’s Word is simply not for you - it’s for all to share and read - you did not jot down the scribble in the margin just for yourself, your intent was to remember and to share.

The apostles believed that everyone in the church had an important job to do to serve God's people and help spread the gospel. The seven men who were chosen (Act 6) used their abilities to take care of others. Jesus wants us to serve others so that the message of His death and resurrection can be heard and believed all over the world. But you might say “I don’t know how to share.” to that I would say “Yes you do, you have your notes."

So what if? What if those notes in your Bible took on a completely different reason for being written?  What would your approach to discipleship look like if that note pushed you to take a Word from God that you had to not only internalize, but now use to share with someone else that is waiting to “take note”

Join us on Wednesday evening, beginning August 10th as we “Take Note”


Struggles - Week 5

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This coming Sunday in our series "Struggles" it is worth noting that after a lengthy introduction (1: 1– 3: 13), Paul is now ready to get to the main point of his letter. He has praised them for their faithfulness, defended his motives, shared his gratitude for their love of Scripture, and expressed His personal love for them. The tone of the introduction is positive and upbeat. If you read back through the first three chapters you will find no words of correction or rebuke. This is quite remarkable considering the relative status of the Thessalonian believers as young in the faith.

On Sunday, let’s consider some ways of how Christians can work with their hands in such a way that their work points to Christ.  Then as we look at chapter 4 what are some practical ways that you can apply Paul’s instruction in this passage to your work, school, or leisure activities?

I have enjoyed working on this series.  While reading and studying about the church of Thessalonians, I’m reminded that even with the current state of our World events, Christ and His Church can prevail and will. Thank you for your trust.

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