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Be Ready

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Remind them to be submissive to rulers and authorities, to obey, to be ready for every good work, Titus 3:1 (HCSB)
It was a GREAT day of Worship yesterday!!!!!  As I made my way around the sanctuary I meet several guest.  There were individuals attending yesterday that said that they are looking for a church home.  They are looking for a place that has biblical teaching and opportunities for ministry.  Others I spoke with have been visiting for awhile and others were here for the first time.  God is on the move and church we need to BE READY!
How do continue to grow individually while at the same time growing via ministry to others and service?  I believe we do so by exhibiting christian living among outsiders.  Not just outsiders to our church, events and programs...but outsiders to the Gospel.  Paul reminded Titus to "BE READY!"  Be ready because one day we will be called on to share...to share our testimony, our experience, our transformation.  As Paul recalls in 3:3, "For we too were once foolish..." We too were outsiders!
So as we finish this letter to Titus let us collectively hear the concluding words and challenges.  
As we continue to focus on the two words "Welcome Home" be in prayer for our administrative committees as they begin our new budget process.  Today I sent the chairs of our respective committees a two week prayer challenge leading up to our first committee budget meeting on Thursday evening March 8th.
I asked them, as well as I'm asking you, to pray specifically for;
  • A collective direction
  • Clarity for expenditures
  • Wisdom in action
God is on the move @UABC!!!! It is a pleasure to be on this continued journey!!!!
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Your job is to speak out on the things that make for solid doctrine. (The Message)
Respectabilitythe state or quality of being accepted as valid or important within a particular field.  
About 5 weeks ago I was listening to a podcast from a Pastor that said the following "The emerging church today needs to understand the basics of Christian Respectability in regard to today's society." 
Hmmmm, what exactly is "respectability?" According to the thesaurus the word could be interchangeable with; decency, honesty, reputable, and honorable. 
With that in mind now look at Titus 2:1-8. Paul takes a turn in his letter to Titus.  Up to this point he has communicated the desired qualifications of a pastor, elder or overseer of the church. At the beginning of chapter 2 the focus is on the individuals that make up the church. The older men, older women, younger men and younger women. 
The expectation is for each one, within their household/community (OIKOS, remember that word) to display a level of respectability by being; level headed, pure, sound in speech, self-controlled and kind. In the fulfilling of these thing the individual would then be sound in doctrine, solid in their relationship with The Lord, and display "respectability" within their household/community (OIKOS)
Respectability is the requested goal in Titus 2 to restore stability in the Crete due to the concern of the false teaching listed in Titus 1:10-16. To restore a public image that enhances the gospel and the mission of this emerging church.
One Sunday all of us will be challenged with the one question "What is my role in sharing the Gospel?"
God is on the move at UABC!!!!
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