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Struggles - 1 Thessalonians

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We want to welcome each one of you to Union Avenue this morning! If you are a first time guest, would you take just a moment and fill out the information section of your "Order of Worship" and turn it in when the offering plates are passed before my message? 

Struggles, we all have them. We struggle as individuals, as a family, in the midst of national crisis and even as a the church. A struggle is a time to reflect, to understand and to learn. 

Today we will begin our new summer series looking at the struggles that the church in Thessalonica dealt with in regards to their beginning.  The city of Thessalonica was full of people that were overwhelmed with real life struggles and were in need of a life changing transformation. The city was very diverse. Within the area were a number of Romans, Greeks, and Jews and the religious landscape was foggy at best.  In Acts 17:1-9 as we are introduced to the area we begin to see a passion on the part of Paul to lead the city.

Today’s main point will be  "The Gospel Motivates and The Gospel Transforms." For Paul's young church plant to grow and survive in such a diverse culture Paul knew that the Gospel would indeed have to motivate and transform the culture, the community and the entire area. We also at UABC need to have the Gospel continue to motivate and transform us as we navigate our individual struggles and corporate struggles. - Serving Him, Pastor Jeff

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VBS and such....

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VBS is so amazing! We have had an average of 80 people in our building the last 3 days with the sole purpose of diving deeper into God's Word! 
 God is incredible!!!
Please continue to pray for VBS and specifically for tomorrow as Travis shares the gospel with everyone!
Sunday, June 12 @ 12:30 pm
Come join us for Central BBQ, water slides, VBS music, and a time of praising Jesus for all He has done during VBS!
Everyone is invited!
Coming Events:
Wednesday, June 08: 
Everyday, June 06-10: 
@ 9:00 am - 12:00 pm: Vacation Bible School continues!!!
Sunday, June 12: 
@ 12:30 am - 3:00 pm: 
Vacation Bible School Splash Bash Finale/Farewell party! 
Wednesday, June 15, 22, 29:
Grillin' & Chillin' @ Overton Park! 
This is an OUTREACH event designed to connect with our community. Be looking for information from your life group leader on how you can get involved! (Don't have a life group? Let us know how we can better connect YOU to your church family!)
Sunday, June 19:
Father's Day!
Everyday, June 20-24: 
Journey Camp @ Camp Linden
This week's Superstars:
June 12, 2016
Kidtown Bible Classes
(Sunday School @ (9:30 am)
Bed Babies/Toddlers:
Mary Williamson, Jessica Boe
Christi Robinson, HELP NEEDED
3-5 Year Olds:
Debbie Wright,
Anita Wilson
K-1st grade:
Jasmyn Gray, Nancy Hardin
2nd-5th grade:
Chad Arnold, Chris Tappen
Kidtown Worship
(Extended Session @ 10:45)
Bed Babies:
Kidtown Worship:
Kids will be in the service for VBS day. Volunteers are needed to help with set up for the 
 Splash Bash Finale.
* Please note that we are still in need of several volunteers to help in the children's department, including Wednesday nights! Please prayerfully consider volunteering your time to help make an impact on the next generation.
June's Calendar:
June's Extended Session 
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