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Called To Be Holy - Part 3

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We want to welcome each one of you to Union Avenue this morning! If you are a first time guest, would you take just a moment and fill out the information section of your "Order of Worship" and turn it in when the offering plates are passed before my message? Thank you for choosing to worship with us! Furthermore, if you are interested in finding out more information about joining UABC, we offer our "Connection Class" the first and last Sunday of each month at 9:30 AM in our fellowship hall.

Keep in mind that Vacation Bible School kicks off in the morning at 9 AM! Christi and numerous volunteers have worked hard getting ready for the week! Would you please pray for the children and for the workers each day? Pray that the children will understand how much Jesus loves them and how much they need Him as Lord and Savior of their lives. 

Finally, this morning we are wrapping up our short sermon series, "Called To Be Holy". Please join me in 1 Peter chapter 2:1-8 as we look at what it takes to grow spiritually in Christ through our pursuit of holiness. 

Grace and peace,
Pastor Travis

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Called To Be Holy

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We are glad you chose to worship with us. We trust everyone present will be able to connect with Christ through an engaging worship experience. If you are a first time guest, please fill out the information section on the front side of this bulletin and place it in the offering plates when they are passed. Additionally, I would love to connect with you after the worship service Finally, if you would like more information about joining UABC, we would love to see you in our next Connection Class on Sunday, May 29, @ 9:30 AM in our Fellowship Hall. Thanks again for being with us!

Have you ever wondered how we are supposed to respond during a day when it seems that Christian truth is being swapped for whatever pleases the societal masses? Should we ignore what is happening in our country when it comes to moral decrees from the highest office? Or, should we equip ourselves to be able to give a gracious, but truthful, response to moral issues that affect us as well as our children? Turn with me to 1 Peter 1:13-16 as we look at some practical truths to follow so that we might be holy in an unholy world.

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