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Vacation Bible School

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Vacation Bible School

Good morning, friends! I cannot tell you how excited I am that you have decided to be a part of our VBS this year! I want to be a blessing to you, just as you are blessing so many others, so please know that I am here for you. If you have not already picked up your teaching materials from the office, please do that this week. 


Some things you will need to be thinking about...

1. The Bible stories. THIS is the most important part of VBS. Please make sure you have read over the stories multiple times and can retell them without reading from your book.


2. Decorating your space. I am scheduling a VBS prep/decorating day, Saturday, June 4, from 9am-12pm, and after church Sunday, June 5, to finish up last minute details. If there are any extra materials/supplies you are needing, let me know ASAP so I can get them ordered.


The room assignments are as follows:

Pre-K 3's- CEC Green Room

Pre-K 4's & 5's- CEC Yellow Room

Completed K - 2nd Grade- Panda Room

Completed 3rd - 5th Grade- Redbirds Room

Crafts- The Bridge

Missions- The Library

Snack- Conference Room

Music- Kid Town Central

Recreation- East Lawn (Outside)


3. Please click here to register as a volunteer. I need everyone who will be helping to do this.


4. Finally, send me your t-shirt size so I can order your official "Submerged" t-shirt!


Let me know if you have any questions, comments, concerns, etc. Again, I am happy to serve alongside each one of you! :)




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Communion - In Honor of Chirst

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After spending the last couple of months with our Adults on Wednesday evenings (with the DEVOTE 7 week series and now the LIFE VERSE 7 week series) I have felt a great sense of, once again, leading a communion service rather than preaching towards communion.  I have observed from many of those on Wednesday evening that we all have real struggles and each, in our own way are devoted to Christ and have a particular verse or scripture that holds significant importance to the individual. I have witnessed our members read from various Bible translations with many different approaches while at the same time driven by the same focus - "To Honor Christ.”

As we approach our time of communion the same also applies, we are devoted to Christ and are driven by the same focus - “To Honor Christ.”  This morning we will do just that, while hearing the reading of Scripture and with the agreement in song, our entire time of Worship will focus on the sacrifice, grace and love that is and should be known as communion with the goal - “To Honor Christ."

While our time at the table will not be different, our focus will be on the events leading up to and following the meal as it is recorded in Scripture.

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