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Seeking Satisfaction

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How often during the  “busyness” of your day do you hit the pause button and say “It Is Well?” I would like to think at some point during his personal reflection King Solomon uttered the words “It is well.” 

As Solomon begins this monologue, known as Ecclesiastes, we can see that he looked around himself (1:4-7), he looks behind himself (1:8-11) and then looks within himself (1:12-18). With everything he tried, everywhere he turned he found…zero. I believe Solomon realizes that the only way to find satisfaction from the boredom of life is through a relationship with the one and true Living God! While reading this section I believe it is fair to say that Solomon is trying to tell us - Look I have experienced it all and I'm anxious to tell everything about life. Don't follow me....learn from me!  Pastor Jeff


Fresh Start

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... but we must tell a future generation the praises of the Lord, His might, and the wonderful works He has performed. Psalm 78:4

In order for the church to move forward we must;

  1. Evangelize like those that have shared the Gospel before you.
  2. Disciple with biblical understanding like those before you.
  3. Be present for worship like the generations that have filled the sanctuary before you.
  4. Tithe like those have before you.

In order for the church to have a "Fresh Start", Christians need to give the next generation "a greater story, a greater family, and a greater future. As we gather for Worship this coming Sunday use the time to reflect on the memories of 2016 as well as the Lord’s guidance in 2017.  It is a joy to serve UABC as your Interim Pastor! - Rev. Jeff Williamson


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