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As a contributing part to any type of two way relationship have you ever begun a conversation with "Listen to me." when really what you mean is "Listen to my words, advice, counsel. We feel like we have the best advice to offer on any given set of topics.  At that moment, for that conversation we are the expert.  We have said those words with our children, our subordinates, our friends and our family. We ask for others to "Listen" when really we have not been listening. In order to impart sound advice we must first listen to and seek wise counsel ourselves.

We are not naturally wise or good at heart, but we think we are. Therefore, whether or not we can listen to and submit to wise counsel becomes a defining part of our character. So if you want to be a fool and give foolish advice, if you desire to wreck your life and someone else's life, the easiest way to do so is not to listen to the wise counsel of those that shared their counsel with you.

Solomon began Proverbs by saying that wisdom includes listening and obtaining guidance, but fools reject wisdom (1: 5,7). We read the same thing in Proverbs 15: 31-33,

One who listens to life-giving rebukes will be at home among the wise. Anyone who ignores discipline despises himself, but whoever listens to correction acquires good sense.  The fear of the Lord is what wisdom teaches, and humility comes before honor.  Proverbs 15:31-33

Wisdom will not come to us unless we "listen" to the words of wise counsel. I/You need the counsel of the wise because if I/You think we don't, then we are deceiving ourselves into thinking that we are perfect and that we have all of the answers. 

Remember this week to stop and listen before you offer your input, suggestion, counsel or correction. Take the time to seek our wise counsel yourself and without a doubt take the time to seek the counsel of your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!
Pastor Jeff
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Source, Subject, Scope

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As we continue our series focused on Missions we will be reading this week Luke 24:44-49. As believers we are obligated and therefore should be eager to be on Mission for God. We should look to share His story because; the source of our mission is the word of God (44-45), the subject of our mission is Jesus (46-47), and the scope of our mission is the whole world (48-49).
This Sunday we will hear from Dr. Jeff Brawner.  Dr. Brawner is the director of the Morning Center.  The Morning Center is a ministry launched by Samaritan Ministries International in 2011 out of love for mothers and their newborns. The Morning Center provides prenatal through postpartum care to mom's in need, in the name of Jesus, at no charge.  The Morning Center hopes to be an outlet that curbs the growing number of abortions and abortion providers in America. 
Christians that have joined Samaritan Ministries help one another with their health care needs every month. Without using insurance, members get the medical care they want while receiving prayer, encouragement, and financial support from other members. To learn more about Samaritan Ministries' Biblical approach to health care, including maternity care
The response towards this mission emphasis month has been truly outstanding.  Many of you have stopped and had conversations, prayed and asked for more information. At the end of the month you will have a opportunity to commitment to help with one of these ministries.  Help can be defined as prayer support to volunteer time in and for their ministry service.

Remember we are all call to be on mission...God's mission not ours!  

Pastor Jeff

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