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Candlelight Communion - Christmas Eve

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The celebration of Christmas has so many meanings. There are family gatherings, office parties, school programs and then there is church.  It is one of the two times a year that the church is unified. We come together because of one non-negotiable commonality.  The person and Lordship of Christ, Emmanuel “GOD WITH US!”  It is that most long awaited, wonderful time of the year. 

Just today I have been able to witness both “the joy of the season” and “the end of life journey.”  Both events ended with the Glory of the Lord and His presence being a present that is for all of us that believe and accept Him as LORD!

The “joy of the season” was witness by observing the singing of our Child Enrichment Center Children. They gathered with family and neighbors to celebrate and share the songs, sounds, and story of Christmas.  We gathered with phones and cameras in hand to capture the moment that a child shared with the residents of the Union Avenue Baptist Towers. They shared the excitement of Christmas.  From Rudolph to Jingle bells the fun began, then…the children became Angels, Shepherds, and Wise Men.  As only a child could they told with us - “Emmanuel”.  They wished their parents, and the residents a true smiled filled Merry Christmas!

Then a couple of hours later I participated in “the end of life journey.”  From the young, excitement filled child, to the cold hard ground of the grave to lay to rest an old friend.  Even during this time of year “life” continues and yes “life” does end. But…but this event, this gathering also ended with the Glory of the Lord.  As is often said, the end that was witnessed here was the beginning of a much better life, that being eternity with Christ. 

In the busyness of the season, or in the moment of just a few hours, take the time to “soak” in all the aspects of Christmas that the Lord reveals to you.  Make sure that church is a part of your traditions, your celebrations, and your commitments for the New Year.  Whether you are traveling or staying at home, attend church this weekend.

Here at Union Avenue our service times are as follows;

Christmas Eve - 6pm - Communion and Candlelight
Christmas Day - 11am - Long Awaited - The Christmas Story and Songs
New Year’s Day - 11am - Prayer and Song Service.

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A Christmas Song

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Merry Christmas!

For many of us the “Music of Christmas” is just as much a part of the celebration as the gift itself.  For generations believers have celebrated both in song and with song.

As we continue our “Long Awaited” Christmas season here at UABC, this morning we will be led in Worship by our Young-At-Heart Choir.  At various times during the year this choir performs and shares the Gospel of Christ at several Assisted Living facilities and Nursing Homes in the Memphis area.  Just like many of us, for our choir this is a very busy time of year.  They have shared this music many times already since Thanksgiving and they will be preforming a few more times before Christmas.

A song at Christmas is a small gesture to point towards a huge sacrifice and gift. The gift that was given to you and I is a gift that will last for an eternity if only you accept.  As we continue reading the Christmas Story from both the Old and New Testament, know that if God can use a small town like Bethlehem as a part of His plan and story, He can even use a song, you and this congregation to accomplish His purpose!   Pastor Jeff


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