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If you have every been in an automobile accident you had to give an account of what happened.  Basically you shared with an officer what you saw, and heard.  Then later in the day you find yourself telling the account of the accident to friends and family.  During the moment it becomes something that you share, something that you recall and something that is very real to you.
The apostle John did this very thing in all of his New Testament writings.  In the Gospel of John he was writing to convert sinners.  The Gospel message and the narrative about Christ was, and still is to this day, clearly presented.  In the epistles, 1,2,3 John, the apostle wrote to confirm the saints.  He wrote the letters to tell the readers what he saw and heard regarding Christ and he enjoyed telling the authentic truth and reminding the Christians of their faith.  Then finally in the book of Revelation he was writing to coronate Christ. A coronation is the act of placement or bestowal of a crown upon a monarch's head or in this case bringing finality to the fact that Jesus was and is the KING OF KINGS!!
In order for all of us to be able to give an account or authentic witness to who Christ is in our life we must be in harmony with other believers and with the church.  God is glorified in us when we find our JOY in HIM! The church, collective and as individuals, must promote joy, press forward in sharing His holiness, pursue correct doctrine and present an assurance of salvation in order to be perceived as a body of authentic believers.
During this year our focus will be on "Being Authentic" in our presentation when we say "Welcome Home"  We all need to be able to articulate what we have seen and heard so that we can tell the story with vigor and excitement.  God's joy is and will be made complete in you when you are willing to spend time with Him.
I look forward to this year of service!!! 
Pastor Jeff
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