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There is one purpose of the church...to share the story of Christ.  We are call to evangelize, share, tell and to go. When we recognize that our church exists solely, and I mean solely, to prepare you and I (train and equip) to better fulfill that purpose (evangelize), suddenly our church becomes a much more compelling place to be.
Paul in his first letter to Corinth understood his purpose and our purpose very well.
For Christ did not send me to baptize, but to evangelize-not with clever words, so that the cross of Christ will not be emptied of its effect.  1 Co 1:17

As Paul, we also are sent to "evangelize". We are sent to share with our 8-15, the love of Christ. We are commissioned. In being commissioned we should allow Jesus to change, command, and consume us.
When we engage our 8-15 we should never storm into our relational worlds, boldly declaring that we have arrived to save their sorry selves (we were never designed to wear arrogance very well), but we must never be shy about our mission either. Every time we open a dialogue or pull up to Starbucks for coffee or try to figure out a way to invite someone to a church event, we should do so with confidence and anticipation. We're not blazing new territory here- God's already been involved in the process for a while. God is and has been involved in "all things" (Colossians 1:16-17)
Pastor Jeff
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