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"You can have it all, Lord
Every part of my world
Take this life and breathe on
This heart that is now Yours"
The epitome of service begins with an willingness to "give it all"  A couple of weeks ago we revisited a familiar passage where the challenge is given both via a prayer in the Old Testament and a reminder by Christ in the New Testament.  We are to "Love the Lord our God with ALL..." We are to give HIM our ALL.  We are to do so in our connecting with others, in our personal growth with HIM and in our service.
Our service is two-fold, it is first of all service to HIM and secondly service to HIS body which is HIS family of faith...the church.
When planning for our service this coming Sunday and meeting with Gaby she felt lead to have the song "Have it all" as part of our worship set. In her own words she said;
"I think Have it all works well for this week because even though it doesn't specifically say that we should use our talents in the church, it does talk about surrendering or lives and laying down our crowns for Him, which in this case can easily mean that we are to offer up every aspect of who we are to Him, including our gifts and talents. It says "you can have it all, Lord.... There is no greater call than giving you my all, I lay it all down." 
We each have a "call" to Serve the Lord.  Be in prayer as you seek what God would have you do for Him here at UABC!
Pastor Jeff
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