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Vacation Bible School Day 1

Day 1
In the Beginning
Genesis 1:1-2,26-31; John 1:1,14

Today's Point:
God created me to love Him.

Bible Story Summary:
In the beginning God created the world and everything in it, including people. God made people special. He made them able to think and to choose and to love. God loved and cared for the people He had created. (Genesis 1:1-2,26-31; John1:1,14)

Aden and Addison Rigney, missionary kids in London, share why their family moved to England and introduce kids to some of their favorite places to visit. The Mandrell family pack up and leave Tennessee to start a church in Denver, Colorado.

Listen to our Galactic tunes here to practice for tomorrow! :) 
I hope you all had a great time today and we look forward to seeing you back tomorrow!!!