Current Series


Fresh Start

In order for the church to have a "Fresh Start", Christians need to give the next generation "a greater story, a greater family, and a greater future.

Seeking Satisfaction

When you start living for the world instead of for the will of God, you begin to look at life from the wrong perspective; "Under the sun" and not "above the sun."  This wrong vision soon causes you to adopt wrong values and you stop living for God and you begin to "SEEK SATISFACTION."  The result is disappointment and defeat; the only remedy is repentance and confession of sin. The only satisfaction is in Christ and in Christ alone.

He Gave

His was a life of giving— giving away what the Father had given him ( John 15: 15; 17: 4, 8, 14). He gave the disciples his peace by which he was sustained in tribulation ( John 16: 33; see Matt. 11: 28). He gave the disciples his joy in which He labored amid the sufferings and sorrows about him ( John 15: 11; 17: 13). He gave the disciples the keys to his Kingdom against which the powers of hell could never prevail (Matt. 16: 19; see Luke 12: 32). Indeed, He gave the disciples His own glory, which was His before the worlds were made, that they all might be one even as He was one in the Father ( John 17: 22, 24). He gave all he had— nothing was withheld, not even His own life.



Struggles, we all have them. We struggle as individuals, as a family, in the midst of national crisis and even as a the church. A struggle is a time to reflect, to understand and to learn.

Called To Be Holy

Have you ever wondered how we are supposed to respond during a day when it seems that Christian truth is being swapped for whatever pleases the societal masses?

Communion - In Honor Of Him

As we approach our time of communion the same also applies, we are devoted to Christ and are driven by the same focus - “To Honor Christ.”  This morning we will do just that, while hearing the reading of Scripture and with the agreement in song, our entire time of Worship will focus on the sacrifice, grace and love that is and should be known as communion with the goal - “To Honor Christ."