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Authentic Characters of the Bible

At some point you have been asked to define your character. Maybe on a job application you were asked to list 3 strengths and 3 weaknesses. On a staff development retreat you probably have done an exercise where your co-workers would spend time presenting to you the qualities they see in you. You might have even taken a personality test that would provide for you your defined trait on any given scale. We participate in all of these things because we desire to be the best version of ourselves in every situation. 

When a person possesses good character it can be observed through their actions. It's not limited to a single value but the traits are demonstrated in the “good” choices they make and the “bad” choices they avoid. Because of this possession of “good character” that same person is then view as “authentic.” Being “authentic” means you are able to be your real and true self, without pretension, posturing, or insincerity. You are capable of showing appropriate vulnerability and self-awareness.

During this sermon series the focus will be on 4 “Authentic Characters” of the Old Testament; Ruth, Elijah, Joseph, and Rebekah. As we observed these individuals from the perspective of a personality profile our application will be to learn how an individual with a character quality like my own can be used by God. We will realize that building character is a life-long endeavor. It is something that is practiced both in the minutiae and the defining moments of your life. There will be times you step up to the character traits you embrace and other times you falter. By remaining committed to spiritual growth and learning about yourself, your character will naturally improve, even through the failures.

Pastor Jeff

Mission(s) - God's Not Ours
At Union Avenue, we seek to find ways to GO!  Going involves a relationship with domestic and international missions.  It is our desire to cultivate meaningful connections outside the walls of our church and actively doing and going in the name of Christ. 
September 2 - Come - Matthew 4:18  Levite Academy, Mr. Joe Wakabi 
September 9 - Gospel Power - Romans 1:16-17 - Binghampton Community Church, Rev. Shaun Abram
September 16 - Doing Missions - Luke 24:44-49 -
The Morning Center, Dr. Jeff Brawner.
September 23 - Made for Missions - John 17:18 -Relational Missions, Shaw Dickerson Mission Council