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Sep 02, 2018 | Jeff Williamson


Matthew 4:18-19
    In Mathew 4:18-19 Jesus encounters two brothers, Simon (Peter) and Andrew. Fishing was their trade and casting their nets was how they earned their keep. Jesus called to them "Come"...come and follow me! The next thing that happened was a simple moment that changed the world. These two bothers, along with James and John, dropped their nets and "Immediately" followed Christ. They started on a journey of loving others rather than loving themselves. They became a part of God's mission not their own!
    Are you ready to answer the call to "Come!"  I don't think that all of us will be called to serve in some remote location of the globe, but I'm certain that all of us have been be told to "Go!"  What is keeping you from "immediately" getting up and going?  You have heard me speak of that group of individuals that God has placed in your life.  The group that needs to know of your story, your spiritual journey. That group is your "mission"
    Have you ever thought about the "mission" that you are a part of?  Have you considered that a conversation you might be having with a friend could ultimately lead to someone many times removed coming to know Christ? We never know how and when God will use your story as the catalyst for the beginning of someone else's story.  That is missions.  Missions is not something that you give to or participate with, missions is something that you become a part of.
    Join us Sunday as I share a message about embracing your mission.  Also be in prayer for Mr. Joe Wakabi as he 
    shares about "The Levite Academy" and his desire to 
    to identify and develop children's natural abilities, talents, and skills (in his birth country) by incorporating formal education with vocational training in a Christian Setting. This is a mission that each of us support via our approved yearly budget.
    I look forward to seeing each of you this coming Sunday! God continues to move at UABC!!!

    Pastor Jeff


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    Mission(s) - God's Not Ours
    At Union Avenue, we seek to find ways to GO!  Going involves a relationship with domestic and international missions.  It is our desire to cultivate meaningful connections outside the walls of our church and actively doing and going in the name of Christ. 
    September 2 - Come - Matthew 4:18  Levite Academy, Mr. Joe Wakabi 
    September 9 - Gospel Power - Romans 1:16-17 - Binghampton Community Church, Rev. Shaun Abram
    September 16 - Doing Missions - Luke 24:44-49 -
    The Morning Center, Dr. Jeff Brawner.
    September 23 - Made for Missions - John 17:18 -Relational Missions, Shaw Dickerson Mission Council