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Aug 05, 2018 | Jeff Williamson

Every Scar Has a Story

1 Peter 2:21-25

God sent His son Jesus to be an illustration of the perfect life and to be a substitution for our sins.  

 How many times have you heard a statement similar to that? I think we can and would agree with the fact that Jesus lived a life of perfection and that He was sent to die for our sins.  In that death it was "by His wounds (scars) we have been healed!" (Isaiah 53:5)

 There are many variations of scars...emotional, mental, physical.  We have scars and each scar tells a story.  Whether it is a physical scar that was sown back together with stitches or an emotional scar that affected the heart that was repaired by love and grace. We all have a scar.  The healing begins when we long for God to be the center of our life and to be our glorious grace.

 When the "thing" that happened in your life produced a scar, how did you respond? How did you tell the story? No matter how small or how large the hurt, what did you learn from this "scar".  During this month long series, I want us to think about our testimony and our "scars" in this manner "For you were called to this..."(1 Peter 2:21) We were called to this suffering because Christ also suffered.  Does that mean that God provided the hurt because He hurt? No, but the scar was provided to bring us closer to Him and to be reminded that He is the ultimate healer. 

 Jesus left us an example of how to live.  Perfection was His model. Instead of giving an equal response of hurt in return, He entrusted God. As a part of His model He explained the benefits of life and death. Finally, the greatest result of His suffering is that it is applied to all that believe in Him and call upon Him as Savior and Lord!

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