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Jan 14, 2018 | Jeff Williamson

Handed a Sacred Treasure #1

Titus 1-3

A few weeks ago I was listening to a podcast from a pastor in the Nashville area.  He was recalling a conversation he was having with his adults sons in which they asked "Dad what do you want for Christmas?" The pastor responded by saying "I just want to smell your hair."  That's correct he said "...smell your hair." After receiving a laugh from the congregation he proceeded to say "I long for the days that you boys would climb up into my lap while I was in the recliner after bath time and all I could do was smell your hair."

God has entrusted us with so much.  Relationships, friends and of course family and our children.  As I reflected on what the Pastor was saying I completely understood what the Pastor meant. When that time of "smelling the hair" took place, for me, that is when I knew that I had been given so much.
In the opening lines of Titus the writer, Paul, makes the observation in verse 3 in regard to what had been given to him;
In His own time He has revealed His message in the proclamation that I was entrusted with by the command of God our Savior: Titus 1:3
In this short Pastoral Letter Paul reminds his "son in common faith" that we, as believers, have been entrusted with so much. 
Likewise we have also been entrusted with this same message and call to proclamation. It is both humbling and amazing that God has tasked us with the charge to share His plan. With such a sacred treasure in our possession serving is expected.
God is on the move at UABC!!!!

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