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Feb 25, 2018 | Jeff Williamson

Handed a Sacred Treasure #7

Titus 3
In His own time He has revealed  His message  in the proclamation that I was entrusted with by the command  of God our Savior. Titus 1:3 (HCSB)


During this study in the book of Titus we have been reminded that serving is expected. We are servants that have been entrusted with a great truth  - a truth to proclaim and share. 
The roles of faithful leaders in the church were spelled out. Qualified leaders of the church must be men who exemplify godliness in every area of their lives- their commitments, conduct, character, and convictions.
Then the transitional word "for" in 1:10 denotes that the leaders need to be ready to confront. To confront those that were deceivers of the word and false teachers. 
The instructions shifted from the leaders of the church to those that were the participants or members.  The older men, older women, young men, and younger women.  Each one had a defined role. That role is the same for us today. The gospel calls those within the church to pursue God's assignment of godliness, whether young or old, male or female.
With that in mind 2:9-10 challenged us to proclaim the Gospel. The servant of Christ puts on display for all to see the grace of God that brings salvation for all people.
When the template for the church is adhered to then and only then can we and will we sing with confidence about that amazing grace. "For the grace of God appeared with salvation for all people." Titus 2:11. 
And just like that a letter written to a "true son in our common faith" Titus 1:3 from Paul to Titus has application and conviction to us today. 
As we finish this letter on Sunday let's do so knowing that we need to "Be Ready!" We need to be ready to share the good news of Christ with the outsiders. Our journey continues because God is on the move! 

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