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May 20, 2018 | Jeff Williamson


Daniel 6
Daniel and the den of lions! What a great biblical account to share and re-tell for countless number of children, generation after generation.

The excitement of this account; provokes our imagination, causes our heart to skip a beat (come on it is a den of lions!) and it reminds us of the three in the fiery furnace, because faith and obedience is on display yet again. This entire part of Biblical history took place because Daniel was faithful to God via his prayer life.  Not only was he faithful to God, but he set the standard for Christian service in public office. Some have labeled Daniel as a serious statesman, but first and foremost he was serious about being known as a servant of God who was determined to follow God no matter what!


King Darius choose Daniel as one of the three administrators over the 120 satraps because of his track record, his leadership and to an extent his faithfulness. Daniel ruled with insight, intelligence, and wisdom under King Nebuchadnezzar (5:11). Daniel had an awesome spirit of willingness (5:14) and had the spirit of the gods within him (5:14).  In the eyes of Darius, Daniel was perfect for the job.  He could have authored a book titled "Diverse leadership characteristics in Babylon"


As good and qualified as he seemed to Darius it was the opposite among his peers.  They did not like the "threat" that Daniel appeared to be.  They wanted him removed from his role because of his allegiance to God was more important to him than honoring the King. 


It was Daniel's character that afforded the attention...all the attention - the good, bad and ugly! Daniel's relationship with the Lord was not crisis-orientated it was consistent in every aspect of his life. His daily communion with God had so shaped his character that he was ready no matter what.  


Today the question is to be ask of you - what are you doing that is shaping your character? Do your peers noticed you because you are in constant communion with God?


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