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May 13, 2018 | Jeff Williamson

Poodle Skirt, Slinky Toy, Game Console and Bible Stories...

Daniel 3
You have heard it said before "What goes around comes around." 


The toys we used to play with are now considered "classic" or retro." Clothes from the '70's and '80's are now vintage. Video game consoles from the late '80's and early '90's are in high demand.  Movies from the '50's, '60's and '70's are being "redone" for a new audience. Superheroes from the '40's are box-office sensations today. TV sitcoms and dramas from the '90's are back on TV with the same actors even after the character portrayed lost their life in the original run of the show. 


We enjoy being reminded of our past while at the same time amazed at how these things have returned and have been beneficial for a new audience. 


The same happens each summer in churches all across the country.  We get ready to receive a "new group" of children for Vacation Bible School and we teach them the same group of stories that we ourselves were taught.  We tend to go back to those Bible accounts that we remember the most. We tend to teach as we were taught while praying that the Bible character and lesson impacts today's child as we were impacted.  "What goes around comes around."


In this series leading up to Vacation Bible School I want to share with you those stories that faithful teachers and volunteers taught me.  In doing so my prayer will be that we will see that the lessons taught to us as children can and will have a life application again for us adults. 


So find your poodle skirt, your slinky toy, the joy stick from the game console and your favorite Bible Character account and be ready for God to remind you that "What Goes Around Comes Around."


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