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May 07, 2017 | Jeff Williamson

Seeking Satisfaction - Ecclesiastes 6:1-12

Ecclesiastes 6

This coming Sunday in Worship we will return to our study in Ecclesiastes and our focus will be chapter 6:1-12.

  • Wealth without enjoyment - 1-6
  • Work with enthusiasm - 7-9
  • Weariness without relief - 10-12

Remember, Solomon (The Teacher), spent this entire book reflecting on life and those things "Under The Sun." He quickly concludes that 

Reasoning, complaining, and arguing bring no answer and lead to further frustration.

Life is too short to worry about behavior. We should find contentment in the many things that God has given us!

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When you start living for the world instead of for the will of God, you begin to look at life from the wrong perspective; "Under the sun" and not "above the sun."  This wrong vision soon causes you to adopt wrong values and you stop living for God and you begin to "SEEK SATISFACTION."  The result is disappointment and defeat; the only remedy is repentance and confession of sin. The only satisfaction is in Christ and in Christ alone.