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Feb 24, 2019 | Jeff Williamson

Send Me

Isaiah 6:1-8
Search Me, Break Me, Mold Me, Send Me!
As I look back over my relationship with God over the past 35+ years, there are a few different messages I remember hearing, and when I heard it, everything changed. I would call that a wake up message.  
I really believe that for many of you, one of the messages over the past four weeks has been a wake up message.  Some of you have shared that you have heard from God in such a way that honestly has scared you and yet at the same time provided some excitement for God and the work in your life that has not been there for a long time.
In my opinion there really is no better example then Isaiah's words "here I am, send me" when I began to develop this series.  No matter how many times I read, recall or look at this section of scripture I find myself getting caught up in the imagery and scenery of the whole moment. 
There is the representation of Lord, seated upon high in a lofty position. There were angels, seraphim, described in detail having wings that had a span large enough to cover from head to toe and the ability to lift at the same time.  Then the audio portion of the experience kicks in, they all in one accord proclaim; "Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord!" There was so much worship in one place that the foundation was shaking, the room was moving, and the place was filled with the presence of overwhelming elation! The wake upmessage and moment was in full swing! 

The entire moment was so awe inspiring for the soon to be known prophet that he proclaimed; "I'm not worthy, I am ruined."  Then the scene takes front stage once again. The hot coals, the placement on Isaiah's lips and then the words that would solidify his role in God's eternal plan; "Here am I, Send Me!"  I'm now awake, I'm listening, my dangerous prayer is "Send Me!"

Church it is time for all of us to have a wake upmessage, are you ready?
Pastor Jeff

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