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Jan 07, 2018 | Jeff Williamson

Welcome Home Vision Sunday

Luke 15:11-32
Luke 15:11-32 - This parable is often called "The Prodigal Son," but it is really about different reactions to the prodigal. 
The key reaction is that of the father, who is excited to receive his son back. Thus a better name for the parable is "The Forgiving Father." A sub-theme is the reaction of the older brother, so that one can subtitle the parable with the addendum: "and the Begrudging Brother."
While we often focus on the reactions we tend to forget the main teaching focus of the parable - that God gladly receives repentant sinners. In the parable when the son returns home there is an immediate embrace, forgiveness, no grudges, it really was a "Welcome Home" reception on behalf of the father.
Over the past 100+ years the number of people in this city that have been saved and baptized by the ministries of this church is indeed a God-Sized number. The number was achieved because individuals like yourself invested in this community and more importantly were obedient to God's call "To Go!" (Matthew 28:19).
In following God's command UABC has been able to introduce many individuals in the Memphis community to this church being their "church home"  Friends it is time to do that again! It is time to "Welcome Home" former family members and time to introduce others to their "church home." 
In 2018 our goal will be to introduce as many people as possible to not just UABC but to the life changing Gospel of Christ by introducing them to God's Kingdom Community!

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