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Renovations 4 U!

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From time to time we have to "clean-up" our house. We clean up because years of "stuff" just seems to make itself at home in our house. The stuff makes a home in our rooms, hallways, staircases and everywhere else.  We clean up because a guest is coming over, the holidays are upon us or yes because...we have just had enough!

Well the same thing happens in our church buildings.  We as the regular tenants get use to the "stuff", well honestly because it is ours. It's always been there and of course we don't need to move it because when we might offend someone.  But even we the church need to clean-up and move things out. 
It really is a two fold purpose.

  1. It is good to just clean-up and throw away.
  2. It provides a opportunity for a positive first impression for you...our guest.

So that is why we are providing "renovations 4 u!"  For you our membership the renovations are being provided in order for us to restore pride in our campus and facility.  For you our guest the renovations are being provided for you and your family to have a great first impression and Worship experience at UABC.

Over the past year the main floor of our building has been completely renovated and updated. New floors, lighting and painting has been done as well as a seamless Wifi network has been installed building wide.  In the coming weeks a new roof will be placed on our sanctuary building and the interior of the sanctuary will receive new lighting and a fresh coat of paint.

Our desire at UABC continues to be focused on the community. "We seek to connect you to Christ and His community."  That is done to the best of our ability and we do so by trying to remove all hinderances during your visit and time of worship here at UABC.

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You've Been Egged

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Have you been EGGED? Did you find a Easter Egg with an invitation to attend church on Easter Sunday?  If you did tag us on social media with #UABCRocksEaster and let us know where you found the egg.

Then after sharing the post encourage your friends to attend church on Easter Sunday! If not at UABC then encourage them to attend somewhere!

Happy Easter and remember to celebrate what "He Gave!"

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