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I grew up in Mississippi as the youngest of 14 children. After graduating high school, I headed to Memphis to live in the big city. I moved in with my sister and her family on a Saturday. Sunday morning, I woke up to my sister saying, "Get ready for church." That morning, I walked through the doors of Union Avenue Baptist Church (UABC). I met a lot of wonderful and friendly people, and I have been here for 54 years since that day. One of those lovely people I met ended up being my husband, Houston. 53 years ago, I married him in the UABC sanctuary. Our two children, were baptized at UABC. 

I have tried to serve where I was needed. I have taught children's Sunday School, served in the nursery, and sung in the choir. I am also a part of WOM (Women On Mission), building and grounds committee,  wedding coordinator, and I am currently the Chairman of Trustees. 

I LOVE being at UABC where I can serve and be served by a great Pastor and staff. God has been so good to me. I thank Him for allowing me to serve Him through Union Avenue Baptist Church.

Linda Akin