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Opportunities to Share the Gospel are Just Around the Corner

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With VBS and other summer evangelistic opportunities just around the corner, we can never be overly prepared to share the gospel with kids and their parents.

LifeWay Kids team member Jerry Vogel recently reminded a group of kidmin leaders to never miss an opportunity to share the gospel. Every aspects of VBS - from the Bible story to crafts and snacks - creates an opportunity to talk to a kid or parent about their relationship with Jesus.

Jerry reminded leaders to:

  • Ask open-ended questions
  • Remain conversational, not confrontational
  • Never assume that a kid understands your “church talk” about becoming a Christian
  • Make the distinction between becoming a Christian, baptism, and taking the Lord’s Supper
  • Encourage kids to express their own ideas - let kids think and process
  • Provide personal counseling for every kid
  • Use a Bible translation kids are familiar with and uses language they will understand
  • Give kids an anchor to help them remember the day and decision so they can go back to that moment later in life
  • Provide discipliship training

It is important to equip every VBS worker with the skills to lead a child (and a parent) to Christ. A great resource is Leading a Child to Christ Training Pack.

 As Jerry said, "evangelism is not a day - it is everything we do in VBS."

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